Woohoo, I am stoked to be now riding for Lazer Helmets and Eye-wear. Helmets are a key piece of MTB equipment I place super high importance on.



This season I will be riding the Revolution all-mountain helmet with detachable chin bar for gnar trails and backcountry exploring. Basically it's two helmets in one!  What sets this helmet apart is that it meets ASTM full-face safety standards. Also there is a third option, to clip in a set of black plastic ear pads.

It has a built-in camera or night light mount with SMS (safety mounting system), essentially if you crash and the camera hits the ground the plastic mount detaches itself from the


My whole family are using Lazer helmets, they will be rocking the Roller with mips (additional safety).


Like the helmet, having eye protection is right up there in my priorities as well. Lazer have a wide variety of eyewear from riding glasses to streetwear. 

The krypton-kr1 set I will be wearing I think will be very useful. The photochromic lenses are clear in dark conditions and automatically darken in bright sunlight - no need to keep changing your glasses when riding in and out of the bush.